Bringing additive manufacturing to anyone, anywhere and anytime with ease and confidence


Secur3DP+, a subsidiary and creation of the Invention Science Fund (ISF), the startup arm of Intellectual Ventures, is being supported by Singapore's rich entrepreneurial ecosystem, working in collaboration with NTU, NTUitive, and NAMIC to build the next generation digital manufacturing platform. This initiative has received the NAMIC and MIT-SMART grants.
The 3D printing industry continues to grow, topping 57.3 billion in 2018, but the threat of IP theft is very real and considerable, amountng to at least $100 billion per year globally. Secur3DP+ has a disruptive solution that enables companies to take advantage of 3D printing and other just-in-time manufacturing technologies by providing transaction security, accountability, and intellectual property protection.
The company has rights to ISF's groundbreaking patents in the field of 3D printing and is bringing to market the service of a permissioned Blockchain based transaction platform which simplifies decentralized manufacturing by acting as a trusted service provider that manages vendor compliance, file transfer, payment, and fulfilment.


Transaction Transparency
Product Quality
Brand Integrity
Intellectual Property (IP) protection
Rapid Fulfilment
Regulatory and Technical compliance

Secur3DP+'s technology is powered by a blockchain-based digital ledger, enterprise-grade file encryption, and financial industry best practices to protect IP and brand anywhere in the world.

Who is this for?

Any company that wants to participate in the distributed manufacturing revolution without the risks that come from partnering with third parties. Our platform facilitates trust between vendors and customers and is especially relevant in high-value industries including:

  • Healthcare and Medical Devices
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Defence

The Future of Digital Manufacturing

With Secur3DP+, you can digitise, automate, secure, and protect your entire manufacturing and distribution workflow, harnessing the power of the fourth industrial revolution.